READ THIS, MORONS: This is where I go to be mean to illogical people.

If you point out that I'm insulting you, then you're just wasting your time.

This is not where I come to play nice. When I am not on this account, and I'm engaged in proper discourse, I do not point out when my opponent is being disrespectful or rude.

Why? Because that's a waste of fucking time where I could be using logic and reason to back up my argument.

If you get sidetracked by my insults, it proves you don't have logic to offer in defense of your shitty opinion.

29th April 2013

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    ^ correct ^ live in a town of 3000 where everyone owns at least one gun. only 2 murders since the town was started in...
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    I find Alaska’s 20.28 gun deaths per 100,000 odd, as in 2010 they only had 2.8 gun murders per 100,000. Ah right, it’s...
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    First look: Oh man guns contribute so much to the amount of homicides Second look: 7/10 cases, if not more, by handguns,...
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